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J/Newsletter- December 23rd, 2009

J Sailing Calendar- Holiday Greetings

December 23rd, 2009

J/95 Sailing World Boat of the Year- BOTY- shoal draft cruising racing sailboatSAILING WORLD Boat of the Year

J/95 Overall Boat-of-the-Year

Christmas came early for the J sailing community! The newest issue of Sailing World magazine arrived with an action cover shot of the J/95 sailing upwind, and a feature article announcing the J/95 as the OVERALL WINNER of Sailing World's Boat of the Year for 2010!  Three pages later, the J/97 is announced as the winner of the Best Club Racer.  This is the first time in J history that two different J designs have won BOTY in the same year; and much appreciated recognition for the huge effort by the whole J network to bring these models to market in 2009.

Here are a few excerpts from the Sailing World website/ press release:  “Rodney Johnstone, the J/95's designer, has been designing boats for decades, and when he says this is his best boat yet, he's not kidding,” says Dave Read, Sailing World's editor and Boat of the Year director. “The judges were struck by how well it sails and how well it's built. But what cemented the J/95's selection was its versatility. It's a 31 footer that sailors of all skill levels will love to race.  And because of its clever centerboard keel and twin rudders, it can be raced or daysailed virtually anywhere – shallow bays, lakes, or the open ocean.”

"It's a radical change for J/Boats," says Boat of the Year Judge Chuck Allen, a professional sailmaker at North Sails.  'You can do anything with this boat, and do it well.  They hit a homerun."

Thanks to CCF and International Marine for their expertise and hard work on the J/95 tooling and production.  Read more about the J/95 Sailing World BOTY Award

J/97 Sailing World Boat of the Year- BOTY- IRC racing- cruising- one-design sailboatSAILING WORLD Boat of the Year

J/97 Wins Best Club Racer

In the words of the Sailing World Editors- "The J/97 sails beautifully and has the volume, look and feel of a 40 footer.  Somehow in the populated J/Boat world, designer Alan Johnstone has found himself a sweet spot between the more racing oriented J/105 and the cruise-able J/109 and J/122.  “This is a really versatile boat,” said Chuck Allen, who was most impressed with its simplicity and comfort.  “The perfect sort of boat for taking to an out-of-town regatta.  You could stay on it and race it.  It definitely feels bigger than it really is.”"

Thanks to J Europe for the successful introduction of the J/97, which is currently a finalist in the European Boat of the Year awards (being announced next month).  Read more about the  J/97 Sailing World Award

J Sailnig Anarchy Calendar Contest- Apple iPod TouchWin a Free APPLE iPod Touch!

Sailing Anarchy and J/Boats have partnered to provide you a fun contest for the holidays.  Take the challenge to identify the boats, the place and the month in the new 2010 J Sailing Calendar and compete to win some sweeeet swag.  Apple iPod Touch 8 GB, VISA Gift Cards, Hoodie sweatshirts, Polo shirts, sailing T-shirts, sailing caps and more.  All you need to do is read the contest rules, register and complete the contest questionnaire.  The contest ends Friday, January 15th, 2010.  Winners will be announced at the J/Tent during Key West Race Week, January 18th, 2010.  Learn more about the J/Sailing Anarchy Contest

J/111 Ultimate Racing Cruising One-Design Sailboat- For Sailors Who Love Sailing!J/111 Project Update

The hull plug is rapidly taking shape at CCF in Bristol.  The hull plug and production mold will be complete in January 2010 with first hull molding in February 2010.  The next available hull is #18.

J/111 Class Rules are presently in draft form and include a Owner/ Non-Pro driver rule; factory weight certificate issued with each boat; fairing restriction on foils (like the J/122 class); sail limit of main, two jibs and two kites; crew number limit for low-key events plus crew weight limit for championship events.  Learn more about the J/111

About J/Boats

Started in 1977, J/Boats continues to lead the world in designing fun-to-sail, easy-to-handle, performance sailboats that can be enjoyed by a broad spectrum of sailors.  The International J/24 has become the most popular recreational offshore keelboat in the world with over 5,400 J/24s cruising the waves. Today, there are 13,000+ J/Boats, ranging from the International J/22 to the J/65 and ranging in style from one-designs to racers, cruisers to daysailers and, of course, the ubiquitous J sprit boats- J/Boats' innovation in 1992 for easy-to-use asymmetric spinnakers and retractable carbon bowsprits (J/80, J/92, J/95, J/105, J/109, J/110, J/120, J/122, J/130, J/133, J/125, J/145, J/160).

J/Boats has the best track record in sailing for innovation and design as evidenced by:  11 Sailing World/ Cruising World Boat of the Year Awards in 14 years; 2 SAIL Awards for Industry Leadership; 2 American Sailboat Hall of Fame Designs (J/24 & J/35); and the three largest ISAF International One-Design keelboat classes (J/22, J/24, J/80).

Counting crew, every year there are over 100,000 friends to meet sailing J's, populating the most beautiful sailing harbors and sailing the waters of 35+ countries around the world.  Sailing is all about friends.  Come join us and expand your social network everywhere!

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