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J/Newsletter- October 16th, 2019

J/Sailing News

The Sun Never Sets on J's Sailing Worldwide

This past week saw the completion of a major milestone for sailing in Asia. The Qingdao International Sailing Centre in Qingdao, China hosted the second annual Asian J/80 Championship for a fleet of seventeen J/80s from across Asia (China, Russia, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia).

Over in Europe, there was more J/80 activity. The J/80 Copa de Espana was sailed off La Coruna, Spain, hosted by Real Club Náutico de La Coruña for a fleet of twenty boats. Then, north of them, the Hamble Winter Series continued its second weekend of racing off Hamble, England; racing was taking place on the Solent and Southampton Water.

Over in the Americas, the famous fall race sailed in western Long Island Sound took place last weekend; the Stratford Shoal “Gearbuster” Race. Indian Harbor YC hosted the event, a 46.0nm “sprint” from Greenwich, CT to Stratford Shoal and return for a fleet of PHRF and PHRF Doublehanded teams. J/Crews virtually swept every podium in classes they sailed- J/111, J/122, J/92, J/105, J/27s, J/88s, and so on. Simultaneously, the Storm Trysail Club’s Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta was a “de facto” J/Fest, with fully 82% of the boats participating being J’s from the 88s up to 44s. Larchmont Yacht Club hosted the event for one-design classes for J/105s, J/109s, and J/44s and PHRF Classes that included J/111s, J/122s, J/92s, and so on.

J/109 sailing the Solent 
Windier Part II @ Hamble Winter Series
(Hamble, England)- The famous Hamble Winter Series has started on the Solent and Southampton Water, hosted by the Hamble Sailing Club. The classes include IRC handicap as well as one-design fleets of J/70s in southern United Kingdom. This past weekend marked the second weekend of sailing in somewhat exciting, epic sailing conditions.

The forecast for Sunday the 13th October did not look great on Saturday night, but PRO Kathy Smalley, decided to go out and have a look on Sunday morning. As the start time approached, a strong squall swept through the area. Many competitors decided to call it a day and retire to the local pubs for an extended Sunday brunch/ lunch.
J/88 sailing Hamble Winter Series
Of the 28 teams that decided to venture out, 16 sailed the course, two retired and 10 were DNS. The PRO set a beat to Delloit Buoy, followed by a reach to keep the early starters away from those still beating. One-sided beats to maintain separation were also the call of the day, along with short downwind legs and a short fetch to the finish. The smaller boats did a short leg to QXI while big boats went over to Prince Consort.

Some boats go particularly well downwind when there is a bit breeze around. The J/88 is such a beast. Even IRC 3 Class leader, Simon Perry’s J/109 JIRAFFE, had to concede the following. "We were quicker upwind,” said Simon. “But, the J/88 TIGRIS just shot past us downwind!" Bar-talk later confirmed that 21 knots had been seen on the J/88 TIGRIS’ speedometer. JIRAFFE managed to hang on to second, but the next two were the J/88's, Richard Cooper’s JONGLEUR and Dirk van Beek’s SABRIEL JR. As a result, Perry’s JIRAFFE leads with a 1-1-2 for 4 pts, followed by Howe’s TIGRIS with a 6-3-1 for 10 pts. Sitting in third is Mike & Susie Yates’ J/109 JAGO with a 4-2-DNC for 19 pts.

Next week sees race weekend 3 of the HYS Hamble Winter Series, Week 2 of the Hamble Big Boat Championship and the final weekend of the Hamble One-Design Championships. Sailing photo credits- Paul Wyeth/ For more Hamble Winter Series sailing information.

J/80s sailing off Spain 
GARATU Crowned J/80 Copa de Espana Champion
(Coruna, Spain)- Twenty J/80 teams from across the Spanish peninsula were competing in their annual J/80 Copa de Espana this past weekend in Coruna, Spain. Hosting the event was the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. In the end, the fleet was treated to two great days of sailing, with Alvaro Ruiz de Larramendi’s team on GARATU from Hondarribia taking the overall title in a come-from-behind victory. Here is how the regatta went down over the course of three days.

Day 1- Late seabreeze
On the first day, the RNC La Coruna PRO managed to run three crisp races for the fleet, with tight racing and hard-fought action characterizing the day. When the smoke cleared amongst the very talented fleet, it was Vigués Javier de la Gándara’s OKOFEN leading the fleet.

It was a full day on Coruña waters. The wind was slow to develop, which caused a postponement of one hour. At 1530 hours, the PRO gave the signal for the first start of the day with winds of 5 knots from the northwest, which would gradually grow to 10 kts by the last evening race.

In the first race, the Cantabrian Peru Múgica skippered HATUEY to first over a closely fought race with OKOFEN. Third was Alvaro Ruiz’s GARATU, with Miguel Fernández’s MOURA in fourth and the DECOEXA girls team in fifth place.

Gándara’s OKOFEN won the second race, surprising Moura, and third went to the Cantabrians of Múgica. On the third and last race of the day GARATU won, ahead of OKOFEN and HATUEY. Gándara went to the showers with a two-point advantage over the Santander team and four points over the Basques.

Amongst the women’s teams, leading was DECOEXA, second was PHOENIX BIRD led by Leticia Gandarias del Marítimo del Abra de Getxo. Then, sitting in third was SIEMENS GAMESA from Getxo with Lourdes Bilbao on the helm and fourth were the young girls from Club Nautica La Coruña with Raquel García as skipper.
J/80s sailing off Spain
Day 2- Gorgeous day sailing
On Saturday, the day began in the estuary of La Coruña with winds of 10 knots from the south that gradually strengthened to a nice 15 kts breeze during the afternoon. Again, the PRO managed to run three more races for the anxious racers.

In the first race of the day, it was a strong “mano-a-mano” battle between the top three boats. In the end, victory went to Ruiz’s GARATU, followed by Gandara’s OKOFEN and Fernández’s MOURA. Happily, finishing fourth behind these champions were the women’s team on DECOEXA, skippered by Olatz Muñoz.

There was more breeze for the second race, which jumbled the standings only a little bit. This time, winning the windward-leeward two-times around was OKOFEN, followed by GARATU and DECOEXA (they surprised themselves in this race!).

For the last race of the day, with even more breeze gusting up to 18 kts, victory went to Ruiz’s GARATU, followed by Gandara’s OKOFEN in second and Ricardo Diaz-Munio’s MATRAKO in third.  Fourth again were the girls on DECOEXA.

As a result of the days racing, both GARATU and OKOFEN were tied at eight points each, so everything was on the table for the last and final race on Sunday. The same was true for the final position on the podium, with HATUEY and MORUA were tied on eighteen points each as well. Munoz’s women’s team on DECOEXA, from the Royal Nautical Club of San Sebastian, were just three points off the bronze position; easily within reach of the podium with a good race on Sunday.
J/80 sailing off Spain
Day 3- A glass-out
The morning dawned on Sunday with a spectacular sunrise over a perfect reflection of the beautiful  shoreline; the “glass-out” over the estuary was gorgeous, but not a good sign for sailing. After harbor postponement, the PRO canceled all racing for the day due to the total absence of wind.

As a result, Ruiz’s GARATU won in a tie-breaker countback over Gandara’s OKOFEN. Similarly, the final step on the podium was taken by Mugica’s HATUEY on countback over Fernandez’s MOURA, who had to settle for fourth place. The women’s crew on DECOEXSA finished in fifth position and was also crowned the J/80 Copa de Espana Women’s Champions.

The balance of the podium in the Women’s division saw Leticia Gandarias’ AVE FENIX team from Maritime of the Abra vizcaíno take the silver and Lourdes Bilbao’s SIEMENS-GAMESA from the same club take the bronze.

In the Youth Division, winning was Esteban Martínez de la Colina’s SINGING BOY. Taking the silver was Raquel García’s PUNTA HERMINIA and rounding out the podium with the bronze was Julio Fernández’s LA GALERA from the host Real Club Náutico de La Coruña.  For more J/80 Copa de Espana sailing information

J/80 sailing off Qingdao, China 
SAILING IN Wins 2nd Asian J/80 Championships
(Qingdao, China)- The second annual Asian J/80 Championship took place in Qingdao, China, famous for its award-winning Tsingtao Beer first created by German immigrants in 1903. Hosting was the Qingdao International Sailing Centre in what were the fabulous facilities for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
J/80 sailing off China
From October 11th to 13th, seventeen teams from across Asia (China, Russia, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia) all competed for the honor and title of being crowned 2019 Asian J/80 Champion; it serves as the “de facto” Asian keelboat championship as the J/80 is by far the largest one-design keelboat class in the region.
J/80 Asia winners
After winning the first race and taking a total of five 1sts in eleven races, Jimmy Johnstone’s SAILING IN Team from China won the regatta by a significant nine-point margin to be crowned the 2019 Asian J/80 Champion. Taking the silver was the TA ORIENT Team from Taiwan with four 1sts in their scoreline to end with 34 pts net.  Hanging on to take the bronze on the podium was the WUHAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION from China with 56 pts net. The balance of the top five was determined on a tie-breaker at 60 pts each, with the Indian team from ROYAL MADRAS INDIA taking fourth place on countback over the Chinese DAIIANN MARITIME UNIVERSITY.  For more Asian J/80 Championship sailing information

J crews J sliders celebrating 
Epic Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta For J/Crews
(Larchmont, NY)- Initially established in the early 1970’s by “The Corinthians” that ran the regatta until 1999, the collegiate offshore regatta was then picked up by Storm Trysail Club. The invitational regatta is held annually out of Larchmont Yacht Club, who is a co-organizer of the event, in addition to the Storm Trysail Club and Foundation.

For the 2019 edition, the STC Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta was hosted by LYC from October 12th to 13th for forty-eight college teams from across the country and Europe. Of those 48-boats donated by owner/sponsors, fully thirty-nine of them were J/Boats owners (81% of the fleet). In short, it is a J/Boats College Offshore Regatta due to the amazing generosity and passion for sailing from J/Boats owners.
J/109 college sailors
The dozen-boat J/105 class was won by the U.S. Naval Academy team sailing on CONUNDRUM, skippered by Nick Walden with crew of Luke Gillcrist, Sam Hall, Jack King, Zach Medeiros, and Eddie Rankin. Second was Boston University sailing RAVEN, skippered by Stanley Schreyer with crew of Collin Alexander, Jim Collins, Liam Dwyer, Emily Garrard, Matt Hamelsky, and Teo Waalberg. Third place went to Stevens Institute of Technology sailing MAGIC, skippered by Matt Roleke with crew of Aidan McEnroe, Townsend Morey, Mack Totman, Jesse Stevenson, and Alex Wiggins.

The nine-boat J/109 class had close-racing amongst the top five teams. Winning was Jacksonville College on GUARDIAN J, skippered by Telmo Basterra with crew of Sam Baker, Telmo Basterra, Grace Benzal, Logan Brickhouse, Ian Hunter, Jarret Monroe, and Stephen Streater. Second was University of Rhode Island sailing EMOTICON, skippered by Cecilia Schneider with crew of Parker Colantuono, Peter Gunn, AJ Kozaritz, Aidan Naughton, Ryan Palardy, and Chris Pearson. Third place on a tie-breaker was the Virginia Tech University team sailing ZIG ZAG skippered by Linda Lovelace with crew of Gustav Berner, Jack Carroll, Allie Champion, Oscare Johansson, Jackson Livanec, and Reid Shanabrook.
J/crews at college regatta
In the J/44 Class, winning the James Bishop Memorial Trophy was the U.S. Naval Academy on MAXINE. Their team was comprised of skipper Hayden Kuzemchak with crew of Kaitlyn Boyle, Brett Eckert, Tim Forman, Zach Krause, Matt Malone, Kevin Navarro, and Phillip Smith.  Second was US Merchant Marine Academy on VAMP, with Ken Luczynski as skipper. Then, rounding out the podium was the Maine Maritime Academy on BREAKAWAY with Taylor Martin on the wheel.
J/88 sailing college regatta
Winning the PHRF Medium Class was the Fordham University Team sailing the J/124 TENEBRAE, with skipper Tucker Hersam with crew of Matt Alfano, Will Dumke, Eddie Harrison, Sam Johnson, Porter Kavle, Declan Lombard, and Scott McKenzie. Third went to Michigan State University sailing the J/112E REVIVER, skippered by Connor Baker with crew of Tim Dickey, Adeline Grootendorst, Brenna Hover, Corinne Nedeau, Charlie Parker, Teddy Prokop, Eva Rossell, Ella Wynsma, and Murphy Wynsma.
J/105s sailing off Long Island Sound
Then ten-boat PHRF Small Class was dominated by all J/Teams.  It was a formidable fleet with equally phenomenal competition. The top six boats all finished, essentially, in a massive tie-breaker. The podium was determined on a FOUR-WAY tiebreaker at eight points each! LOL! And fifth was determined on a two-way tiebreaker at nine pts each! Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, I’m confuzzzed! Winning was Yale University on the J/100 BLACKCOMB with a 7-1 tally for 8 pts, skippered by Emery Wallace with crew of Jacob Asher, Chris Chaumont, Liv Mosnoi, Martin Tipton, and Adam Wolnikowski. Second was University of Toledo on the J/88 YONDER with 1-7 scores for 8 pts, skippered by Ethan Taylor with crew of Brandon Austin, Kaitlin Conner, and Eric Lynch. Third was University of Maryland sailing the J/88 OH JEE with a 6-2 record, skippered by Cole Daitch with crew of Mike Bisson, Chuck Cannon, Natalie Jones, Madelie Mulligan, and Rachel Prucnal.
J/44 one design class
Thanks to all the J/Boat owners and sailors that made this regatta possible. Lots of fun was had by all by the 400+ college sailors!  For STC Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta scores  For more STC Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta sailing information

J/109 sailing offshore 
J/Teams Sweep Stratford Shoal Gearbuster Race
(Greenwich, CT)- Hosted by the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, 2019 marked the 64th edition of this classic 46.0nm race. Run annually, the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend, competitors typically race to Stratford Shoal and back. The nickname "Gearbuster" attests to the usually boisterous weather sailors enjoy in October on Western Long Island Sound. The racing includes fully crewed and double-handed divisions, plus a shorter 19.0nm course for non-spinnaker divisions.

Twenty J/Teams (35.0%) participated in a field of fifty-seven offshore boats in all classes. In virtually every division that had a J/Crew sailing, they either won, podiumed, or swept the podium.

Starting with PHRF 1 Doublehanded Class, J/Crews swept this podium handily. Winning was Barry Purcell’s J/27 LUCIDA by ten minutes corrected over Josh Burack’s J/105 PEREGRINA. Third just SIX seconds astray was Sara & Josh Reisberg’s J/120 ABILYN! That was close racing after 46 nautical miles!

The PHRF 2 Class of eleven boats was won by Bill & Jackie Baxter’s J/111 FIREBALL. Third was Andrew Clark’s J/122 ZIG ZAG. Fifth place went to Steven Levy’s J/121 EAGLE and sixth was Abhijeet Lee’s J/111 VARUNA.

The eleven-boat PHRF 3 Class saw Ken & Drew Hall’s J/88 NEVERMORE taking second place, while Paul Kueffner’s J/36 ECLIPSE placed fourth.

Winning the seven-boat PHRF 4 Class was John Cutting’s J/92 EASY RED. Then, in the six-boat PHRF +1 Class, winning was Arthur Hanlon’s J/112E DAUNTLESS, with David Cielusniak’s J/122 J-CURVE taking the silver.

In the shorter Eaton’s Neck Race, taking second in PHRF 6 Class was Jim Reichel’s J/105 SCAPEGOAT, while Jim Farrell’s J/35 SAPPHIRE placed fifth.

In the PHRF 7 Non-spinnaker division, taking second was David Kaplan & Ray Gustin’s J/92 REDLINE. Sixth was the original classic J/24 one-design- the SILVER FOX, skippered by Jasjeet Sood.  For Gearbuster results, please see here   For more “Gearbuster” Stratford Shoal Race sailing information

Regatta & Show Schedules:

Oct 5- Dec 1- Hamble Winter Series- Hamble, England
Oct 17-20- J/88 North American Championship- Rye, New York
Oct 18-20- J/105 Masters Regatta- San Diego, CA
Oct 19-26- J/24 World Championship- Coconut Grove, FL
Oct 19- Rolex Middle Sea Race- Gzira, Malta
Oct 25-27- J/24 East Coast Championship- Annapolis, MD
Oct 25-27- J/Fest Southwest- Lakewood, TX
Oct 25-27- J/105 Lipton Cup Regatta- San Diego, CA
Nov 1-4- French J/80 Championship- La Rochelle, France

For additional J/Regatta and Event dates in your region, please refer to the on-line J/Sailing Calendar.

j/24s sailing offshore 
41st J/24 World Championship Preview
(Coconut Grove, FL)- Forty-two years after the first J/24 was built in Rod Johnstone’s garage, the Class will attract 81 boats from 20 countries to Miami, Florida for the 2019 J/24 World Championship. Sponsored by Bacardi Rum, the combined efforts of the US and International J/24 Class Associations, Coral Reef Yacht Club, Shake-a-Leg Miami and Twelve USA will present five days of racing on the spectacular Biscayne Bay from October 22-26. Participating in the event will be five J/24 World Champion helmsmen, plus countless Continental and National Champions. The nations represented include Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Grenada, Hungary, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States. The 2019 edition will be the 41st World Championship for the enduring Class. A complete list of all J/24 World Champions can be found here.
J/24s sailing off Miami, FL
Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats, said, “The J/24 Class is thriving in 2019 for the same reasons it took the world by storm 40+ years ago. It’s all about people. Great racing in the world’s best sailing venues is one thing, but making life-long friends along the way, that’s priceless.” J/Boats and the US J/24 Class Association will launch the Championship by sponsoring Monday’s Opening Ceremony. The festive atmosphere will include classic memorabilia, a photo slideshow, flag bearers from each country, live music and food/beverages.

Will Welles, reigning J/24 World Champion, said, “The J/24 Class is alive and strong! I don’t think the racing has ever been closer. The boat is so refined these days, with everyone knowing the tricks; it’s great one-design racing.”

Nancy Zangerle, IJCA Chair, said, “The 2019 World Championship will be a celebration and culmination of 42 years of J/24 Class history. It is a testament to how one man’s idea has grown into a worldwide family of sailors. The International J/24 Class continues to attract new sailors with affordable boats, great competition and adherence to strong Class Rules that really provide a level playing field on the water. The J/24 Class has sustained its popularity with the enthusiasm of so many racers and J/24 alumni who keep coming back to the premier Class events, year after year. This year’s World Championship will see crews from age 16 to 70. While I’m looking forward to five days of exciting racing, the World Championship is as much a reunion with so many J/24 family and friends.”

Complete J/24 World Championship results and details may be found here.  For more J/24 World Championship sailing information

J/122 Linea Rossa sailing Rolex Middle Sea Race 
40th Rolex Middle Sea Race Preview
(Gzira, Malta)- The 40th Edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, hosted by the Royal Malta Yacht Club, is ready to start a fleet of around 115 boats for this year’s race. 

Commodore Godwin Zammit had this to say, “The club is really pleased to once again be welcoming such a large fleet. It will comprise the traditional mix of professional and Corinthian crews, some experiencing the race for the first time and others returning to better previous results or just enjoy the adventure.”
J/111 sailing offshore
Although the 2019 fleet is slightly lower than last year’s record of 130 boats, the range of yachts competing will ensure the race is as exciting as ever. “Crews will be looking forward to the challenging conditions typical in this area of the Mediterranean at this time of year,” said Commodore Zammit. “At some point, it is likely tough weather will test the skills and determination of all competitors.” 

Some 23 nations will be participating in the race, according to Commodore Zammit with entries from as far afield as Australia and Argentina. Italy is the most represented with 22 yachts.
sailing Rolex Middle Sea Race offshore
Royal Malta YC Principal Race Officer and Race Committee Chairman, Peter Dimech, outlined the forthcoming event programme. “We kick off on Wednesday, with the Coastal Race, starting and finishing in Marsamxett Harbour, and a good dress rehearsal before the main event,” Dimech advised. “The Coastal Race is a perfect opportunity for international and local crews to give their boats a final shakedown before Saturday. The current weather forecast suggests the most likely course will be up to Comino and back.”  

Dimech added that there are a number of social events for crews, including the Owners’ Reception on Wednesday evening, which incorporates the Coastal Race Prize Giving and is co-hosted by Yachting Malta; the famous Crew Party on Thursday and, on Friday morning, a Question & Answer session featuring a number of participants. On Friday evening, Race & Weather Briefing takes place at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.  

Turning to Saturday’s October 19th departure of the Rolex Middle Sea Race from Grand Harbour, Dimech confirmed there will be seven starts, with the first class, the Multihulls, starting at 1100 CEST. The remaining groups will follow at 10-minute intervals, with the guns of the Saluting Battery marking each start. Proceedings will be coordinated between the Royal Malta Yacht Club, Transport Malta and the Armed Forces of Malta. 
J/109 youth Malta team
“It is one of the best, most dramatic race starts in the offshore racing world,” remarked Dimech. “Grand Harbour is blessed with a vast number of accessible viewing points both high up and low down. The crowd can feel really close to the yachts without the need be on the water. We are expecting a huge number of spectators.”  

There are nine J/Teams participating in the event across four classes. In the IRC Doublehanded is the J/109 2HARD (Martin Hartl from Austria) and the J/122 LINEA ROSSA (Onur Tok from Istanbul, Turkey).  The IRC 4 Class/ ORC 4 Class includes the J/121 JACKHAMMER (Andrew Hall from the United Kingdom).
J/109 Chestress sailing offshore
The IRC 5 Class includes a very famous offshore ocean racer from Scandinavia, the J/111 BLUR.SE owned and skippered by Peter Gustafsson from Sweden. Also, participating in this class is Tok’s J/122 LINEA ROSSA.

The IRC 6 Class might as well be classified as a “J/109 Class” as a quartet will be lining up on the starting line on Saturday. Those teams include Leonardo Petti’s CHESTRESS from Italy, the Jarhead Young Sailors Malta from the host nation Malta sailing on JYS JAN, Martin Hartl’s 2HARD from Austria, and more Jarhead Young Sailors from Malta on JYS JARHEAD.  For more Rolex Middle Sea Race sailing information

J/105 Masters Regatta Preview
(San Diego, CA)– One of San Diego Yacht Club’s most prized regattas returns to South San Diego Bay October 18-20, 2019: The International Masters Regatta (IMR). An invited, legendary group of eleven Master sailors from around the country come for a three-day battle in a rotation of J/105s.

The title of the event originates from the rule that participating skippers must be over the age of 60. For those on the cusp, the International Masters Regatta can be seen as a rite of passage after their long, hard-working sailing careers. This year, the entry list features some of the most accomplished sailors in the sport, some returning to the competition from previous years. Returning skippers from 2018 include David Gould, Tad Lacey, William Petersen and Andy Roy.

The list of competitors includes; Mary Brigden Snow, Scott Harris, David Gould, Gary Jobson, Tad Lacey, Scott Mason, William Petersen, Andy Roy, Chuck Sinks, Terry Timm, and the founder of the event- Don Trask.

The winner of the 2018 IMR was Dave Perry. Following closely behind were returning skippers Andy Roy (2nd) and William Peterson (3rd)– back to claim their name on the trophy. Roy plans on coming back with the same crew, which seems like the right decision based on his results.

“We have the same crew as last year, all old sailing buddies from Toronto. Of particular note is our main trimmer, Scott “Scooter” Collinson. We’ve done many miles on the water together including: America's Cup trials, Admiral's Cup, Canada's Cup, multiple Farr 30 Worlds, and a host of other regattas. Also on the crew is David Jarvis- former Volvo Ocean Race crew. Fraser Howell, Rob Emery and Andrew Van Nostrand have raced competitively for many years and are all very good sailors,” Roy explained.

New to the Masters Regatta are skippers Terry Timm, Chuck Sinks, Scott Mason, Scott Harris, and Mary Brigden Snow (the only female skipper in the regatta).

Timm expresses his excitement in anticipation of the Masters, “Sailing has been my passion ever since being exposed to the sport on an E-Scow on Torch Lake in Northern Michigan while attending Camp Hayo Went Ha. The thrill of leaving port sailing to the starting line or cruising in the Caribbean never ceases. Being invited to sail in the SDYC International Masters Regatta is very special and much appreciated. Many of my best friends are San Diego sailors that get to enjoy a world class sailing venue every day of the year.”

The International Masters Regatta, while known for its competitive sailing, is also known for its fun atmosphere and camaraderie. Regatta Chair Tim Fuller talks about the event. “The camaraderie between the skippers and crews is really fun that weekend. The overall sailing ability out on the course is always impressive and the races are always very close.”

“One of the best traditions of the weekend is the post-race social Roast on Saturday night. The skippers introduce their crews and needle around with the other teams. It’s high-spirited and fun to be a part of,” said Fuller.

Anyone interested in watching the races can find them in San Diego Bay. The schedule of events for the sailors begins on Friday with breakfast, followed with racing and a dockside social in the evening. After Saturday racing, there will be a regatta banquet for participants and after racing on Sunday, the awards will be presented.

In 2013, the perpetual trophy for the International Masters Regatta was gifted and dedicated by Malin and Roberta Burnham at the regatta banquet. The trophy is a beautiful original art piece created by Don Freedman of Nantucket Island and features a nautical inspired clock detailed with ships’ instruments.

Thank you to our local J/105 owners for lending their boats to make the International Masters Regatta and the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup Challenge happen.  For more J/105 Masters Regatta sailing information

What friends, alumni, and crew of J/Boats are doing worldwide

* A Family Affair- the J/122e JUNO- 2019 Performance 40 Champion

Christopher Daniel's J/122e JUNO won the 2019 Performance 40 Class Series.  “Chris and the Juno team are exactly what the Performance 40 Class is all about,” commented Performance 40 Class founder Dave Swete. “Juno is a corinthian boat with a core crew of the Daniel family mixed with young, and especially women sailors. The team has improved as a crew year on year and the atmosphere on board is just fantastic. After racing the Performance 40 Class love to get together for a drink in the yacht club bar, which is fundamental part of the spirit of Juno and the whole class.”

Daniel has been racing Juno for five years with a young crew of family and friends, including three siblings all in their twenties.

“When the kids were younger I drove to them to the extremities of the country to attend various dinghy regattas, and now all three of them are crewing for me, which is great, sailing as a family makes it more fulfilling. Juno normally sails with at least four girls on board and half of the crew is under 25. When we started racing Juno, the network for potential crew was thrown very wide and slowly over the years that has resulted in a pool of about 15 sailors to make up our racing crew of 10. We all go sailing for fun because we enjoy it, and that is definitely an ethos we have on board. This keeps the team together, as does improving our ability and results. Having a young crew gives a great energy on board but we run a quiet boat, to me a leader shouting at his crew is a sign that the skipper has lost control. Everybody is encouraged to give their feedback at the end of the race and every opinion is respected.”

The Performance 40 Championship is all inshore racing but Juno has also enjoyed success racing offshore, making the class podium for the 2019 RORC Myth of Malham and a strong performance in the Rolex Fastnet Race rounded off a successful offshore season, and Christopher Daniel has big offshore plans for the future.

“We targeted winning the P40 Championships at the beginning of the season,” commented Daniel. “It was a tall order given the strength and depth of the competition and our position last year. We set about it with some structured training sessions from Dave Swete, a largely consistent crew and a programme of reflection and improvement. We ended up winning three of the events, but still only managed to win by half a point owing to Cobra’s consistency and the strength of the rest of the fleet, and if you look down the finish times, most races were won by just a few seconds. Juno is a very capable offshore boat and the added performance means that you can get from A to B quickly, as well as in comfort,” said Daniel.

The funny thing is we originally bought Juno to race and cruise, and although my wife Lucy is very supportive, and we couldn't do it without her, Lucy prefers sailing in the Caribbean and the Med, and we have plans to take the boat to Malta and Antigua for the Rolex Middle Sea Race and the RORC Caribbean 600. We have a real focus on the Rolex Fastnet Race for 2021. Juno is a very capable offshore boat and the added performance means that you can get from A to B quickly, as well as in comfort. We have charted boats abroad before but it is difficult to find a boat as good as Juno, and when you come to sell a boat like the J/122e it is attractive to both the racing and cruising market.

Racing Juno with the family and our friends is a wonderful experience, and I can't thank Paul Heys enough who sold us the boat and was always helpful and supportive. Sadly Paul is no longer with us, but all of our success on the race course is dedicated to him.”

The J/122e Juno was purchased at the Southampton Boat Show from Key Yachting, the exclusive agent & distributor for J/Boats in the United Kingdom. The new offshore-capable performance yacht in the J/Boats range is the J/99, which has been nominated for the 2019 European Yacht of the Year, the 2019 British Yachting Awards Performance Yacht of the Year, the Sailing World Boat of the Year- Performance Racer-Cruiser, and the Cruising World Boat of the Year- Performance Cruiser.  For more information about the J/Boats range.

* What is a Performance 40?
A “Performance 40” is a Cruiser/Racer around 40ft and defined by the specified limitations, which utilizes information from her IRC Certificate:
  • IRC Band 1.075-1.150
  • LH 11.15m-14.1m
  • DLR 125-205
  • Max Draft 2.70m
Also known as a P40, the intention is for this to be a mostly ‘Corinthian’ Class, where family and friends get a taste of Grand Prix style Racing.

For reference, a First 40 is at the bottom of the band and an XP44 is at the top of the band. This includes, but is not limited to; J111s, J122s, J133s, J121s, IMX40s, Grand Soleil 43s, Arcona 41s, JND 39s, Corby 41s, Mills 39s, Matt 12s, Farr 40s, King 40s, Azuree 46s, etc.

Popular in Great Britain, a six-regatta inshore series garnered a lot of interest, with Chris Daniel’s J/122e Juno winning the 2019 edition.

“Chris and the Juno team are exactly what the Performance 40 Class is all about,” commented Performance 40 Class founder Dave Swete. “Juno is a Corinthian boat with a core crew of the Daniel family mixed with young, and especially women sailors.

“The team has improved as a crew year on year and the atmosphere on board is just fantastic. After racing the Performance 40 Class love to get together for a drink in the yacht club bar, which is fundamental part of the spirit of Juno and the whole class.”  For more Performance 40 class information

* J/80 Singlehanded Challenge Launches in China
The dream of sailing a singlehanded boat across the China Sea started back in 2015. “Hualian”, as he is known, dreamed of sailing a J/80 sailboat specially equipped to handle the challenges of sailing offshore for 1,600 nm (about 3,000 km). No one has done it before and, in China, such challenges are seen in the same light as other famous Chinese climbers getting to the top of the world’s tallest mountain- Mount Everest at 29,029 feet tall.

Hualian’s first two attempts in 2019 were not completed. In the first attempt, he exclaims, “I experienced 30 knots sustained winds and very low temperature of minus 5 degrees (that’s very cold with wind chill!). I hang up the fishing net, so to speak, and I give up, as the conditions were getting dangerous. The second attempt was just before the late fall. However, because I experienced failure of my main power generation and navigation equipment, I had to stop sailing before the end of the first 24 hours. So, sadly and unfortunately, I had to give up, again.

After more than a year of preparation, Hualian plans to start again from Qingdao at around 10:00 am on October 16, 2019, driving the his J/80 WHITE WAVE all the way south to the beautiful island of Sanya (China’s version of America’s Hawaii).

The challenge is strictly in accordance with the standards of Solo and Non-stop in the international maritime industry. During this period, he will not stop at any port and will not accept any material help from the outside world. There will be no replenishment and no security team will follow. Hualian will be alone on the 1,600 nm (about 3,000 km) voyage, avoiding the ubiquitous fishing nets and the busy ships on the Chinese sea, while managing himself and the ships at all times.

Because it is difficult and dangerous, this level of challenge has not been completed in China, and it is worth exploring and making progress.

Singlehanded sailing does not stop at the China Sea! Follow the J/80 WHITE WAVE as part of championing the Extreme Challenge Environmental Protection project.  Follow the J/80 WHITE WAVE on YB Tracking here 24x7 on his 1,600 nm voyage
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